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About the Singer

Seeking Signs

Life is rough.  It is Micah Thunder's hope that his music can be a companion on your life's journey.  Micah Thunder, The Korean Kowboy, winner of the 35th New Mexico Music awards, and featured artist in the Grammy-winning live music show, 'Bands of Enchantment'. Singer-Songwriter artist born and raised in New Mexico. His fans call themselves The Thunder Tribe, following him as he makes his “Wild Journey Music”.
Micah Thunder remembers music as a major force in his home.  His father, a modern dancer, taught him the rhythm and power found only in music.  Micah Thunder began making music in 2005.  He writes songs inspired by campfire memories, New Mexico wilderness, and the universal stories of humanity.
Micah Thunder creates an energetic and loving community around his art.  Since 2018, he has been working as a studio artist, running his independent record label.
With over 250,000 streams worldwide, Micah Thunder has a dedicated global audience.  Micah Thunder has had his music featured on TV, radio, online, and in commercials.
“I have come into contact with a worldwide community of people who create, share, and enjoy each other’s art. As I share my music, I have gained friends and loved ones.”
Please enjoy Micah Thunder’s Wild Journey Music. As a featured artist, He hopes that his music can be a friend and companion on your life’s journey.

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